Alex Plisek

Content Director

“Your company is uniquely valuable. I strive to create content that resonates with readers by highlighting your brand’s inherent strengths.”

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Alex Plisek believes that there is no greater success in writing than finding the perfect words to convey an important concept. Alex uses an understandable yet evocative writing style to educate, empathize with, and persuade the reader when writing for PSM clients.

As a copywriter for PSM, Alex strives to recognize the unique ways readers process information. Their goal when writing is to create content that will resonate with readers of many backgrounds. Alex feels especially satisfied when they can successfully portray the voice of a company with their writing while retaining the clear, concise language necessary to help readers understand the information being presented.

When they are not writing for PSM, Alex operates a goose control company in the Twin Cities called Driven Wild Goose Control. The company uses the presence of dogs as a goose management strategy. Alex also enjoys reading, traveling, and cooking new recipes.

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