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Together, Terrie and Michelle have extensive experience helping professionals develop and implement strategic, results-oriented marketing plans. We are offering our thoughts and expertise to you in a number of areas including:

  • General Marketing
  • Retain and Grow Relationships
  • New Business Development
  • Increase Name Recognition and Awareness
  • Measuring ROI

Common Marketing Questions

Curious about why having a marketing plan is important, or how PSM delivers its outsourced marketing services?  Look no further than to the videos we created.  Each video contains tips including how to build a small practice, how to be the CEO of your practice, how to measure marketing ROI, working with The Four Pillars of Marketing, and more. 

How does psm deliver outsourced marketing?
What is marketing coaching?

Pillar I: Retain + Grow Existing Relationships

The first step in any marketing initiative should be leveraging the relationships you have with current clients, prospects, and referral sources.  See why the StrengthsFinder is an important self-assessment tool, tips to build a referral source network, and why providing exceptional client service should be the core of your marketing plan.

Why is exceptional client service so important?
How does PSM deliver A-Z marketing services?

Pillar II: New Business Development

While it’s great to have a steady stream of more business from existing clients, it’s also imperative that you make proactive efforts to develop relationships with people who don’t know you yet (but should). Learn about the difference between sales and marketing, what professionals need to know about sales, and why personal branding is a must.

Why is Having a marketing plan important?
What tips do you have for solo practitioners?

Pillar III – Increase Name Recognition & Awareness

Building and maintaining high name recognition is a critical element of your success in marketing.  Learn about some of the best ways in which to do this using social media, trade association involvement, and blogging.

Why is blogging important?
How do communications fit into marketing?
What is the importance of trade and professional associations?
How do I know if my website needs updating?

Pillar IV: Measuring the ROI

Measuring the ROI of marketing efforts is crucial for businesses to assess the effectiveness of their strategies. By analyzing metrics such as lead generation, conversion rates, customer acquisition cost, and revenue growth, businesses can determine the impact of their marketing initiatives and make data-driven decisions for future investments.

How do you measure the ROI of marketing?
How can professionals act like ceos for their practice?

What Our Clients Say

Ready to take your marketing to the next level?

Contact PSM Marketing today and let our expert team help you drive success for your business. Visit our website or give us a call to schedule a consultation. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your marketing efforts and achieve your business goals with PSM Marketing by your side.

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