Why is it so important to provide exceptional service to clients?

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Terrie S. Wheeler: First and foremost, providing exceptional service is the core of your marketing strategy. I hear people say “Well, I don’t really do marketing. It’s all word of mouth.” Well, the only way that people to refer to you is because you deliver exceptional service. You have to have a service model that puts clients first. You have to have a service model that acknowledges the importance of all the people in your firm who are helping deliver services to your clients and it’s things like returning phone calls, responding to emails. Those are the core of client service and many times professionals feel that they’re too busy to do that, so they don’t. It’s not uncommon for me to hear from people “I called this lawyer and it’s been five days and I haven’t gotten a return phone call.”

Client service is important because it’s something that you can be incorporating into your practice every single day making it a priority to treat your clients as you would like to be treated. If you’re dealing with a difficult financial or legal issue and you leave a message for your professional, you want them to get back to you right away. It’s also employing other people in your firm. If you’re not able to get back to someone immediately, then have someone in your firm get back to them, have a process. What we’ve done is we’ve amassed some of the resources that we’ve developed over the years to help you with ideas on how to be more proactive on your client service strategies. We hope that you’ll access the resources below and that you’ll contact us if you have any questions.

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