How does PSM deliver Outsourced Marketing?

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Terrie S. Wheeler: The way we deliver outsourced marketing services is that we fully engage with our clients. We become their marketing department, so we conduct an assessment, we develop a plan, and even before that I’ve already, or Kristy has already, hand-picked the team of people who are going to be on our outsourced marketing team.

What we do is we work completely off of the strategic plan that we’ve developed for them. I then assign a project manager who is the mortar between the bricks of that relationship, and that project manager is going to be responsible for managing all of the other resources, whether it’s SEO or copywriting or web development, any services, social media. The project manager is really the liaison between our team and me and the client, so it’s a very smooth and seamless process. It’s one that we have refined over the 20 years that PSM has been in business, so when our clients hire us as an outsource marketing team, they know that we are going to get in, we’re going to hit the ground running, and that we are going to be able to help them driver the results that they are seeking.

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