Social Media Marketing for Businesses in St. Paul and Minneapolis

We will find and post content for you and even engage with those who engage with you.

How to Use Social Media to Grow your Practice in St. Paul and Minneapolis

Whether it’s Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or any other platform, we help lawyers, financial service providers, accountants or other professional services advisors develop and implement a social media strategy that allows them to engage with the people who can generate revenue for their business.

Our social media whizzes know that connecting online requires more than shouting “me, Me, ME!” at the world – which too many professionals do. So we craft an approach that uses social media to both curate content and promote your own views on emerging issues that will be of interest to clients and the people you need to reach.

Social media has become one of the most important communications tools available to professionals, and we help you employ it to grow your business.

How to Build Brand Recognition at your Professional Services?

Professional services marketing is a strategic activity. More than the whims of marketing, we believe the approach that would fine-tune your marketing messages for your audience. In the FREE video resource titled “How Will Social Media Help Me Build Name Recognition”, PSM Partner Kristy L. Gusick explains how incorporating social media into marketing strategy can boost your business.

PSM works on your behalf to help you establish thought leadership in your area of expertise. For this, we encourage attorneys, financial advisors, and other professionals to capture their content and their opinions in various formats such as text, audio, and video. Then, we work to expand the reach of your message through your social media channels. Our social media pros see to it that your message reaches the right audience and has the impact you deserve.

To build brand recognition, it is important to talk about yourself the least and your prospects and the problems they face, the most. By doing so, your followers, prospects, and clients derive value from what you have to say. Then, they look forward to your content and perceive you as a thought leader in the industry.

Why Social Media is the Art of Communications and How it Helps Professionals

In another video resource titled “How do Communications Fit Into The Marketing Mix for Professionals,” PSM Founder & President Terrie S. Wheeler, MBC explains why communications are the mortar between the bricks of your other marketing efforts. Social media communications are necessary to keep you top of mind with your prospects and clients. PSM indulges in an ongoing communications strategy with their clients for exactly this reason.

PSM helps you target your communications to your small but relevant group of readers and followers. We believe in creating communications that are current and valuable. This is how we encourage our clients to interact with their audience online and build a brand image.

PSM works with lawyers, financial advisors and other professionals to get their social media platforms become their assets. We help build an authentic following for you- one that resonates and appreciates your message.

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