How do communications fit into the marketing mix for professionals?

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Terrie S. Wheeler: Communications are really important and, as you might know, they fall into the fourth pillar of marketing, which is targeted and effective communications. The way that we use communications is to stay top of mind with clients and contacts and referral sources. The communication strategies that we recommend to our clients are very targeted, they’re very relevant, they’re very current. We’re not big advocates of the, quote-unquote, firm newsletter because we believe that the most important role communications play in your marketing is to provide information that you care about. We encourage you to communicate with smaller groups of people that have something in common but make those communications extremely relevant to them.

So we’ve amassed a number of resources on the PSM website about how to develop communications. Today, communications generally will take the form of social media posts, new E-communications. We do a lot of E-communication work with our clients because it’s important that they think of you on an ongoing basis, but if you send them things that aren’t important to them they’re just not gonna read them or they’ll unsubscribe. So communications is sort of the mortar between the bricks of everything else that you’re doing in your marketing efforts, and we can help you with that but first, we want you to take a look at everything that we’ve already pulled together for you on our website and ask that you contact us if you have any questions about the way in which you are communicating with your prospective clients.

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