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Terrie S. Wheeler: Marketing coaching is one of the core services that we offer. Marketing coaching is a one-on-one. It’s having a one-on-one marketing director that’s going to guide and advise and motivate and hold you accountable to the marketing results that you want to achieve. Marketing coaching benefits you because you normally don’t have that person who is there as your cheerleader, possibly talking to that person every single week. I have a lot of clients that I talk with that often.

Marketing coaching is really going to benefit you because it focuses only and exclusively on you. You can be part of a firm, but working with your marketing coach is going to help you identify where you want to be next year, in the following year, and it’s going to provide the specific steps that you need to take in order to get there with the guidance and advice on an ongoing basis from your marketing coach to help ensure that you meet the goals that you have.

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