Why is blogging important for professional services firms?

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Video Transcript

Terrie S. Wheeler: Blogging is really important, and for some reason it can be like pulling teeth to get professionals to start blogging. But once they do, they realize that because of the ways in which we help them promote their blogs, whether it’s on social media, on the website, in communications, that their blogs can actually generate business for them.

I had a client recently do a blog post, and the local TV station saw the blog post and came to the firm and interviewed that attorney on camera that very night, so please know that if you promote your blogs appropriately, you can really generate some amazing results. And there’s a very simple method that you can use to write blogs, especially when you’re getting started. And you’ll see in the resources below that we have all kinds of ideas and articles for you on how to write a blog post, how to structure the blog post.

People get concerned about how long they should be, there’s discussion should it be five to six hundred words, there’s recent research that says they can be a little bit longer, but the bottom line is they have to communicate your opinion directly to people who are going to be impressed that you’re sharing the information you are so that they’ll contact you. So we hope that the resources below are going to help you and motivate you and make you decide that you have to start blogging.

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