How do I know if my Website Needs Updating?

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Video Transcript

Terrie S. Wheeler: Well, you’re going to know if your website needs updating by looking at some of your competitors, and if you have websites that you look up and say, “Wow, that’s really nice,” you probably need a new website. As you know, technology moves very, very quickly, and every day there are better ways to convey your expertise using your website, but the truth is your website is your most important marketing tool. It’s not about brochures and folders like it was in the day. It’s now about having a website that accurately conveys who you serve, what you do, what makes you unique. It’s going to have your biography. Within your biography, it’s going to be organized so that it’s stressing what makes you unique as a professional, so a website is just the most important marketing tool that you can have, and because of that we’ve put a lot of time into developing resources for you to help you understand and assess, is it time for a new website. For example, I still see websites, law firm websites, financial services websites, that are not responsive, and what that means is they don’t look good on an iPad or an iPhone. They’re like mini versions of the website.

There are certain indicators if your website is not up to speed. If you website has not been improved or enhanced redone within the last two to three years, you probably need a new website, and we’re hoping that all of the tools below this video will help you on that path, and please know that we develop websites, and would be happy to talk to you about what your next level website could look like.

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