Why is it Important for Professionals to Engage in Trade and Professional Associations?

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Video Transcript

Terrie S. Wheeler: Trade and professional associations are really important to professionals because by and large. On the one hand, it’s where you’re going to go to get your continuing education, your CE. You’re going to engage, you’re going to build relationships with other professionals like you, but then there’s another side of trade associations and it’s where your clients are, and where your clients hang out. It’s extremely important in your marketing that you have a direct line to those people who could either hire you or refer business to you.

So you have professional associations if you’re a financial adviser or if you’re a lawyer. You know the associations that you belong to and the bar associations and those are important. But on the other hand, you also have to look at getting in front of the clients that you want to serve.

Some of the things that you can do include writing for those organizations, speaking for their groups, but most importantly attending the meetings. We have a lot of clients who are involved in many different associations, and they wonder, “Why am I not getting business?” Well, generally it’s because they’re not going to the events. They’re not putting the time in to really bond with and build relationships with the attendees.

So we feel very strongly that being a part of your own professional association is important, but it’s also critical to get into at least one organization that attracts your clients and to become an active member of that organization. Resources below are going to guide you to other information that we’ve created for you. We have some webinars, we have articles, and then we also have a Contact Us page so that you can ask us questions that you have about this important topic. We’re here to help you.

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