Jaimie-lee Prince

Project Manager
“Words can change people’s lives drastically. Combined with purpose-driven business and meaningful values and you’ve got a recipe for creating connections and reaching your sales goals.”
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Jaimie-lee Prince is primarily a marketing writer but has written for numerous verticals including accounting, retail, building materials, cannabis, non-profits, and psychology.

She loves learning as much as she does writing. Her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management was a stepping stone and is an asset for her content marketing goals.

As a lifelong reader, Jaimie-lee is obsessed with the intricacies of how using words in the right way can drastically change minds and hearts. Flow, tone, diction, voice, and style — it’s all part of perfecting the craft and creating content to intentionally convey a brand’s messaging

When she’s not ripping up her keyboard, Jaimie-lee is either ripping it up on her yoga mat, curling up with a good book, or soaking in some fresh island air in her sea-view apartment in Dominica.

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