Lauryn Johnson

Social Media Director

“I leverage my passion for social media to establish a robust online brand presence and connect with potential clients and customers. My philosophy emphasizes collaboration, transparency, and creativity as I work closely with clients to develop social media strategies that authentically showcase their brand and effectively engage their audience.”


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Lauryn is a highly skilled social media strategist with extensive experience in social media marketing, digital marketing, social auditing, analytics, and more. She has a proven track record of success across a diverse range of industries, including medtech, food and beverage, academia, law, and non-profits.

With a keen understanding of the intricacies of each industry she serves, Lauryn has helped numerous business and individual leaders achieve their social media goals. Notably, she played a pivotal role in growing a Minneapolis food and beverage company’s social media presence by an impressive 854% in one year, demonstrating her ability to drive significant results through strategic digital initiatives.

Lauryn is relentless in her pursuit of helping clients achieve their objectives. Her collaborative approach and passion for driving success make her a valuable asset to any organization looking to elevate its social media presence and achieve measurable growth.

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