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Develop and Implement Branding for Minnesota Business


A brand isn’t a slogan or tagline on the website.

For professionals, a genuine brand is a statement of what makes you and your firm unique by defining its “sharper edge.” It may never appear in full but it defines everything you and everyone working with you do for your clients.

For professional services firms, branding is an internal process that we facilitate. Using our tailored and proprietary approach, we work with you and the other key professionals in the organization to uncover precisely what constitutes your unique “sharper edge.”

The result is a distinctive brand statement for a law firm, a CPA firm, a financial services firm.

Branding for professional services Minnesota is all about being able to develop messages, process and a visual identity that reflects your brand.  At its essence, a brand defines what makes you and your firm unique in the marketplace.  It uncovers the essence of your firm and why clients choose you over your competitors.  It’s the “secret sauce,” that only you and your firm bring to the marketplace.

New St. Paul Or Minneapolis Business? We Have your Branding Solution


If you are thinking of leaving your firm to start your own business or doing something different on your own, PSM has a suite of services just for you: The Quick Start Rainmaker Package ™.  Call it what you will.

A “turn-key,” “one-stop-shop” to help you jump start your business.  We will create everything from your logo and identity materials, to your social media pages and website.  We will even help you launch and promote your new firm!  And we offer this service as a package of affordable services called the Quick Start Rainmaker Package ™.  Let us help you with your branding!

One technique we use when helping our clients develop new branding and brand messages is to either conduct a client survey or to talk directly to your clients.  Many times our clients think they know what makes them unique.  What matters most is what your clients think about why they hired you – not what everyone at the firm thinks they know about why clients hire the firm.

St. Paul and Minneapolis Brand Positioning For Professional Services

Once the brand message has been defined, PSM works with its Minnesota clients on how to visually convey their unique brand.  This process involves everything from your logo and identity materials, to your website and social media presence.  We ensure everything that could be seen or touched by anyone outside the firm, uniquely defines the unique brand of your firm.

A tagline can be stolen by competitors, modified and used. But no one can steal your brand because the firm’s “sharper edge©” came from inside the firm.

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