Business Development Services in St.Paul and Minneapolis

Business Development for Professional Firms in St. Paul and Minneapolis

We help you target the prospects who should know you but don’t – and then work with you to convert them into clients or referral sources.

The essence of our business development activities involves PSM’s tailored Marketing Coaching services for professionals, as well as our Outsourced Marketing for services firms.  Find out if you are a good candidate to work with PSM and its team of creative services professionals.  Take our assessments today:

Business Growth Strategies for Professional Services Firms in St. Paul and Minneapolis

Whether it’s providing ongoing, one-on-one business development coaching or simply helping you set achievable goals with occasional follow-ups to ensure that you are working your plan, we help professionals meet their new business development objectives.

We do so by using “classic” tools including a Sales Pipeline Report and a Contact Action Plan.  Many professionals do not want to think of themselves as salespeople.  The reality is that every professional needs to be a salesperson if they want to generate new business!

PSM Marketing