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Collaborate with your Clients Through your Website

For many law firms, financial service firms, and other service businesses, having a client portal on their website is a great way to collaborate on services being delivered. We help firms determine whether such a portal will help attract and retain clients, and then we build the web-based infrastructure needed. Finally, PSM helps clients promote the portal to their client base – and to prospective clients who will appreciate this client-focused tool.

Collaboration is more than a hot buzzword in marketing for lawyers, accountants, and financial advisors. It is how clients want to work with the professional services firms they use, and with the financial services providers who help them build wealth.

While most firms have an internal “drive” used by those in the firm to collaborate internally and access shared documents, fewer firms see the value of having such a portal for clients to access.  That said, many clients require a portal they can log into to check on work-in-progress, communicate with their team at your firm, and in other ways stay connected to the work you are delivering.

Can you Share that Document on Google?

Client portals or client access is to confidential documents is generally highly restricted, and password protected.  Many PSM clients have created a co-working environment using Google Docs, a secure document sharing program allowing those you give access to, to edit, write and collaborate on a document or spreadsheet, eliminating the challenge of managing multiple versions of the same document.

St. Paul and Minneapolis Client collaboration strategy

You set access rights, only allowing the people you choose, access to various different documents.  This is what PSM uses with its clients so when we are coaching them, we can both see the Sales Pipeline, or the Contact Action Plan as we talk and edit.

This is why we show our clients how to create, implement and manage a collaboration strategy that makes sense for their firms and for the people and organizations they work with.

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