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How to Write Winning Proposals in St. Paul and Minneapolis

Frequently, proposals are required when lawyers, CPAs, engineers, architects and financial service professionals pitch for new business. We help you create proposals that “sing” because a winning effort recognizes that, with most account-winning submissions, it’s more about the music than the words.

What does that mean?

It means turning a proposal into a story that the reader can grasp easily. Too many attorneys, accountants and financial service professionals submit proposals that are all facts and figures. Yes, a proposal must respond to the information requested. But we create a form and format that the reader will relate to.

As just one example, one client we worked with who followed both our approach and allowed us to write the final draft found their acceptance rate zoomed to more than 55% from under 20%. All it required was remembering: A proposal is more about the music than about the words.

Storytelling in Proposals- A Winning Marketing Strategy

Proposals are not merely factual documents, but a medium for you to communicate the essence of your brand to your prospects. We weave the right words in your proposal document, so your prospects find it appealing. With the right blend of emotions and statistics, we work to improve your acceptance rates.

We create a format for your proposals that also adds the branding element to your proposal document. We choose the right colors and fonts for improved readability and take care of the aesthetics. PSM’s graphic designers work to enhance the overall look and feel of your proposal template.

Our copywriters then create a compelling copy for your proposal- one that conveys your brand message while focusing on how you deliver value to your clients.

In the article titled, “Why Case Studies Are Crucial on Websites for Professional Services”, author Jim Bliwas, Strategy Communications, talks about incorporating case studies in proposals. The article suggests adding relevant case studies in the appendix in order to increase the depth of the proposal. We take care of this and many such tiny aspects that make a massive difference to the outcome of your proposals.

Avoid Making Rookie Mistakes On a Proposal in St. Paul and Minneapolis

Attorneys, accountants, and financial services professionals often spend most of their time working with their clients. This leaves them with little or no time to focus on improving their marketing materials such as their proposals. This is where an outsourced marketing team steps in.

At PSM, we double-check your proposals for any glitches. These are high-stakes documents that really make or break your sales growth. We make sure we get them just right for you. Our team of professionals work with you and build proposals that help you convert prospects into clients.

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