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Make Sure Your Clients are Happy with Your Services

It’s vitally important for professional service firms including attorneys, CPAs, and other service businesses to ask clients “How are we doing?” on a regular basis. Clients will point out inconsistencies in service and delivery, telling you where and how they want you to improve.  There are a number of tools we use when conducting client satisfaction initiatives:

  • Firm-Wide Client Satisfaction Survey – Once every two-to-three years we recommend our clients conduct a comprehensive client satisfaction survey of all past clients of the firm.
  • Client Interviews – If your firm has a group of high stakes clients it wants feedback from, many times personal interviews with clients is a better option than a survey.  It’s more personal and many times produces better data.
  • Focus Groups – Let’s say your firm wants to expand into another market, or launch a new service.  Don’t even think about doing so until you have conducted some focus groups with your would-be clients to ensure that if you did expand, there would be clients to buy those services.
  • End-of-Engagement Survey – Generally these surveys are web-based and less comprehensive than the client satisfaction survey referenced above.  End-of-Engagement surveys, also referred to as End-of-Matter or Case surveys allow you to keep your finger on the pulse of current clients’ satisfaction with your services and your firm.

Marketing Strategy Needs Client Interviews – St. Paul and Minneapolis

We conduct client interviews with your larger clients and conduct client satisfaction surveys of your entire client base. When we do the interviews, clients are more likely to speak their mind to us as opposed to saying what they think you want to her.

Our client satisfaction survey process uses basic market research techniques to ensure that the questions are “neutral” and that you’re receiving an accurate picture of how your client base thinks you’re doing.

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We analyze the feedback and share the results with the professionals serving clients. Then we help you come up with a plan for addressing issues that arise.  Interested in measuring the satisfaction of your clients?

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