Contact Mining St. Paul and Minneapolis

Use LinkedIn to Mine your Contacts in St. Paul and Minneapolis MN

Using LinkedIn, we help lawyers, accountants, and financial services professionals meet the people who will send business to you.

We look through your contacts, seeking out individuals who have 500 or more connections as these are the connections who are most-active on the site. Then, we look at the kind of connections they have, determining where you are most likely to find possible new leads.

Finally, we will draft the e-mail to send to your connections, asking their help in meeting new people. And – as important – we’ll create a “thank you” note to send back to them after they’ve introduced you to someone you actually met with.

LinkedIn is growing at a rapid pace and quickly becoming the most important platform for professionals seeking to develop new clients and referral sources.

How To Expand Your Contact Base on LinkedIn in Minnesota

As a rule of thumb, we suggest you make use of the global search feature on LinkedIn. Type in the search bar the professional title you look forward to connecting with. At the very bottom of the search list, you see an option for searching for people with filters.

Select the appropriate filters according to your connections circle- we suggest you go as far as your second-degree network. As you keep on narrowing down with filters, you will get only the targeted people as results of your search.

This is a proven technique to get in touch with prospects on LinkedIn. Read our complete article on the subject here.

How Can I Convert My Contacts Into Clients in St. Paul and Minneapolis MN?

A solo practitioner or a small firm make their living by delivering high-quality professional services to their clients. It is known that these firms get most of their business through referrals from satisfied clients and other professionals.

How is it, then, we can convert our contacts and acquaintances into clients faster?

For starters, you might want to consider quantity over quality. While it is easy to fall prey to numbers, it is equally important to focus on the quality of referrals. A quick analysis of your referrals, their industries, and their common characteristics will help you arrive at a strategy to organically build relationships with the right referrals by leveraging mutual connections.

In an article, PSM Founder and President, Terrie S. Wheeler, explains a few proactive strategies that you can adopt to kickstart transitioning your contacts into your clients.

Read her article on Turning Contacts Into Clients now!

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