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Sell More Services to Existing Clients in Minnesota

It’s a well-established fact that it is far more profitable to generate new work from an existing client than it is to find a new client. Unfortunately, it’s also a fact that business clients – owners, managers, and executives – don’t like to be cross-sold. And, frankly, many professionals feel uncomfortable cross-marketing.

To avoid this stigma, we have developed a unique approach that turns cross-selling into cross-buying. Rather than pitching for additional work, cross-buying involves asking clients questions about their upcoming business plans. Inevitably, the process leads to new files.

Effective Cross-Marketing in St. Paul and Minneapolis

To effectively cross-market your services to your existing clients, you need to know their needs for other services. In an article by Terrie S. Wheeler, MBC, Founder & President at PSM, Terrie advises professionals to create a cross-marketing spreadsheet with the client names in rows and services as column headers. After marking the cells where you are delivering a particular service to a client, you will be able to see the blank areas prominently. These are the areas with opportunities for cross-marketing. Read the complete article here: The Four Pillars of Marketing: Use Them To Grow Your Practice!

After you have realized the services that your clients have not yet availed from you, we can help make tailored marketing campaigns for these clients to let them know the breadth of your services. With proven strategies, we can help you get more business from your existing clients.

Another effective method to learn of your client’s unfulfilled service needs is to conduct a client satisfaction survey for all your clients.

In the article “Are Your Clients Satisfied With Your Service? Ask Them!”, the importance of a client satisfaction survey is outlined. One of the several advantages of a client survey is to determine your client’s awareness about your services and to uncover the needs that your competitors meet for your clients.

Cross-Marketing Strategies St. Paul and Minneapolis

Effective cross-marketing strategies can be developed only after you have a clear idea about your client’s needs, which needs you can meet for your clients, and what you can do to cross-market those services.

At PSM, we help our clients build strategies for cross-marketing that are often proven to be successful. To learn more on the subject, consider reading this blog:

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