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Which Communications Database is Right for You?

Your law firm, CPA firm, or financial services firm’s database is an essential part of the infrastructure you’ll need to send targeted communications to clients, contacts, and referral sources.

For solo practitioners and small firms, a database can be something as simple as a spreadsheet-based Outlook directory coupled with a mailing service such as Constant Contact or MailChimp. For mid-sized firms with a larger number of names in its system, we have helped our clients select, install, and maintain more sophisticated customer relationship management (CRM) systems such as Salesforce and InterAction.

Maintaining a Database in St. Paul and Minneapolis

In “The Anatomy Of An Outsourced Marketing Engagement,” an article by Terrie S. Wheeler, MBC, Founder and President at PSM, the importance of maintaining a database has been pointed out. After you have attended a networking event and gained insight on your prospects, you will be able to distinguish those that meet your A-level criteria of clients and referrals. Then, you can add these A-level contacts to your online database so that you don’t forget your best leads. Maintaining a database makes your marketing and communications easier. You have a single repository of all your important contacts, clients, and referral sources.

When you choose PSM as your outsourced marketing team, a database specialist works for you to create and manage your online communication database. Keeping all relevant information in one place saves a lot of time for solo practitioners and helps improve efficiency.

Importance of an updated and comprehensively-maintained database in St. Paul and Minneapolis

If you are still fond of your “old is gold” data management ways, you are not utilizing the immense power that technology has today. Save time and money with effective tools and technologies. Terrie S. Wheeler, MBC, Founder and President at PSM, has outlined the importance of an updated and comprehensively-maintained database in her article, “Keeping The Success In Succession Planning”.

Investing in technology that helps you save time and become efficient is a winning strategy. PSM’s team can help you build working marketing strategies that boost your business. To learn more about the importance of a comprehensive database, consider reading these blogs by PSM’s marketing team and founders:

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