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Develop your Elevator Speech – St. Paul and Minneapolis

Every lawyer, CPA, and financial professional needs a 20-second description of what they do and how their clients benefit. We help you develop an elevator speech to use when someone you’re meeting for the first time asks, “What do you do?”

Whether it’s at a networking event, during a break at an industry event, or in a more casual setting, your elevator speech – named for being able to present it during a short elevator ride – briefly synthesizes your experience and expertise while including a brief benefit statement. Everyone who has successfully generated new business has one, and we recommend you build one for yourself.

In an article titled The Elusive Elevator Speech: Tips on How to Communicate Your Niche, PSM Founder & President Terrie S. Wheeler, MBC lists the various steps for you to work through when developing your winning elevator speech. Since there is no second chance for leaving a lasting first impression, your elevator speech becomes even more crucial.

The Secret to a Captivating Elevator Pitch in St. Paul and Minneapolis

Consider the following steps to build a captivating elevator speech to kick-start productive conversation at a networking event:

  • Your area of expertise – Take a moment and reflect on your practice. There are a lot of professionals providing the same services you do. What is it that differentiates you from them? The answer to this question will be your area of expertise and your niche.
  • Why your clients choose you – Identify the reasons why your clients want to work with you in spite of the multitudes of other professionals. This can be your second piece to the elevator speech puzzle.
  • How you want people to identify you – For what do you want to be remembered? The answer to this question will reveal your company’s unique characteristics, which proves to be an excellent add-on in your elevator speech. This is what you want to be known by, and this is what you want your clients to say about you.
  • Frame one sentence – An elevator speech needs to be wrapped up in no more than 10 seconds. Frame a sentence with the core of your practice embedded into it. This short string of words is enough to effectively convey your business.

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