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Host Client Events to Retain Your Clients

We are experts at helping you plan and stage amazing symposiums, parties, and special events. We can create a unique topic for a workshop or conference, or come up with a creative idea for a social event that brings clients together with professionals and practitioners.

Often, professional service firms are approached to be a co-sponsor of an event staged by another organization. We help clients assess whether the sponsorship is worth the cost, and what kind of return they might expect for the investment.

In an article by Terrie S. Wheeler, MBC, Founder and President at PSM, titled “Driving New Business Through Strategic Referrals: It’s A 2-Way Street”, Terrie explains the joint marketing opportunities that come from hosting innovative events and webinars that get your contacts and referral sources together.

Why Companies Should Host Customer Appreciation Events

Our team at PSM can help you plan and put on events that strengthen your marketing efforts and help grow your business. These parties can become your marketing platform to place your company at the forefront of your contacts’ minds. Also, it largely adds to your credibility to become a part of a networking event, or more importantly, to host one.

If you are approached by another firm to become a co-sponsor, your outsourced marketing team at PSM will perform a comprehensive analysis of your ROI from such an event. We will analyze your contacts, your co-sponsors’ contacts, and conclude whether hosting such an event will prove to be beneficial to your business.

We only want you to focus on the marketing strategies that drive the most value for you. Our goal is to make sure you are marketed in the most effective ways possible. Moreover, we are a strategic marketing firm that checks its results from calculated ROIs rather than vague ideas.

We will work to ensure your events and conferences are beneficial while you focus on building leads and prospects.

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