Intake and New Matter Reports in St. Paul and Minneapolis

How to Handle Client Intake

An excellent time to acquire important marketing information from a new client is when they first sign on with you and your firm.

We design intake reports for law firms, financial service firms and CPAs that provide not only basic information, but also valuable data such as how the new client found you. You can gain insight by learning whether it was through a referral (and who provided it), your blog, an article you wrote or a speech you gave, at a networking event, or in some other way. It’s also an opportunity to learn what kind of information they may want to receive from you in the future.

Perfect Client Intake Process St. Paul and Minneapolis

Our team also provides new matter reports, which can capture additional facts about your client. These facts can include their satisfaction with your ongoing service, if they have – or will – provide a referral of your company to any of their associates, and any general comments they might have about what it’s like to work with you.

Intake and new matter reports are another tool we provide to help you solidify your relationship with a client.

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