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PSM will help you land new business by using market research before your next big prospective client meeting.

From basic objective market research to focus groups and client interviews or satisfaction audits, we help attorneys, financial service professionals, accountants and other service businesses take the pulse of their client base and the marketplace at large.

Use Market Research to Land New Clients in St.Paul and Minneapolis MN

We are asked by established firms to judge the potential for a new office, a new practice group or a new offering within an existing practice group. We’ve also helped gauge the market potential when a firm is considering bringing in a lateral group. We’ve used market research to help a firm decide whether to realign itself from practice to industry groups.

We’ve also helped attorneys who have an idea for a new law firm determine how their concept will be accepted by the potential clients and the size of the proposed market. No well-run business makes a commitment to an important new initiative without using market research to test the viability and market acceptance of the concept. We provide the answers you need to make a sound business decision.

In an article titled “The Four Pillars of Marketing: Use Them to Grow your Practice,” PSM Founder & President Terrie S. Wheeler, MBC, emphasizes the importance of market research. Before meeting a new person, a professional services provider should take the time to review their LinkedIn profile.

More so, further research such as skimming over their website and Google results can help you learn a lot about them and their practice. When you know enough about their business, you ask better questions and find out more about what you might have in common.

Market Research Before Meeting With a Prospective Client in St.Paul and Minneapolis

As your outsourced marketing wing, PSM helps you perform extensive market research before making a significant decision. Our market research specialists work on your behalf to dig out deep whether your next-big concept will be received well in the market.

We have the right tools and talent to help you arrive at critical decisions efficiently. Studies have found that firms that conduct organized research on their target clients groups grow faster and drive better revenues. PSM partners with you as your outsourced marketing services firm and conducts regular market research that helps you sense the pulse of your industry and stay relevant.

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