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To develop new business, you need a targeted networking strategy.  We help you do this.

Turn your Contacts into Clients in St. Paul and Minneapolis

Accountants, lawyers, financial service providers, professionals of all stripes constantly hear and read about the importance of networking to build their practice. But there is an art to effective networking and not many professionals “get” it.

Going to a networking event isn’t the time to sell your services to as many people as you can meet. Rather, it is a chance to connect with a handful of legitimate prospects. Knowing how to do this is a learned skill – and we teach our clients the right way to network.

We also work with our clients to select the best venues for them and their practice, and then provide ideas on the best way to choose who to talk with as well as how to disengage from other networkers who are not likely to need your services. Networking the correct way will help build your practice – but you have to know what is correct and what wastes your time.

Part of a Business Development Strategy in St. Paul and Minneapolis

With PSM as your outsourced marketing partner, you never have to worry about whether an event is worth your while. We assess that for you. And, when we learn an event can boost your business, we prepare you for the win.

In a comprehensive article titled “The Four Pillars of Marketing: Use Then to Grow Your Practice!,” PSM Founder & President Terrie S. Wheeler, MBC, explains the importance of networking for business development. The article suggests that for effective networking, professionals should identify their top A-level clients, prospects, and referral sources.

When the priorities are set, strong relationships must be built with these prospects and referrals. These relationships harness your business and boost revenues. Identifying creative ways to get in touch with these people is also a marketing tactic we offer as part of our marketing coaching services.

How Networking Serves Your Professional Service Firm in St. Paul and Minneapolis

Through targeted interactions, you can stay top of mind with your crucial prospects and referral sources. Your outsourced marketing team at PSM helps you achieve this. With our expert marketers, we work on your behalf to suggest the networking events that may have a massive ROI for your practice.

We help you focus on the top-priority events and people, so you gain the maximum leverage for your efforts and time. Optimize your networking efforts to bring the maximum output with our strategic marketing practices.

Here are a few resources to help you learn more about networking and how we pursue it at PSM:

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