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How to Write a Press Release to Complement Your Marketing in St. Paul and Minneapolis

When a lawyer, accountant, financial advisor or other professional wants to reach out to reporters and producers, a news release can be an effective vehicle. But because journalists receive so many, to get the coverage you want requires both picking your spot and knowing how to tailor the release to ensure it appeals to the reporter you want to reach.

Our media relations experts are very proficient at crafting and delivering news releases and other PR blasts that not just reach reporters but can generate a news story.

We get results because we don’t pester newsrooms with releases that are seen as mere spam by journalists. Rather, we help you craft your message so that when we write a release it is likely to have genuine value to a reporter, assignment desk editor or producer.

Why News Releases Should Be Part of Every Outsourced Marketing Plan

While social media and other online marketing channels seem to cover a lot of marketing nuances, news and media coverage has its own importance. With positive press coverage, you can build your credibility in your locality. Positive media coverage enables you to level up your firm’s reputation.

As part of our professional services marketing, we help firms secure press coverage that significantly boosts their trust factor and helps them drive higher revenues.

In the detailed PDF titled, “Why Was That Lawyer Quoted? Tips to Secure Positive Press Coverage”, PSM Founder & President Terrie S. Wheeler, MBC, highlights the ways for a professional services firm to enhance their PR strategy.

Here are a few tips the article offers:

  • Define the Objectives – It is crucial to identify your objectives behind a PR strategy, so you remain focused on your goals.
  • Zoom-in on the Targets – When you target a specific audience, you build a highly focused PR strategy. This helps you stay top-of-mind with the prospects and clients you value the most.
  • Tailor the Message – The message you deliver through your press coverage must significantly affect and interest a large number of people. This is your chance to establish authority and thought leadership in your industry.
  • Build the Ideal Media List – If you knew you would be successful in your PR efforts, which media platforms would you target? PSM suggests you make a list of your ideal media publications including TV shows, radio shows and blogs you would want to be featured in.


The article contains so many more tips for professional services firms to market themselves and earn press coverage with the right strategies. Get the PDF for FREE here!

How PSM Helps You With Outsourced Marketing Services in St. Paul and Minneapolis

PSM has media specialists on its team who are well-versed with the nuances of positive press coverage. While no media relations professional like those on the PSM staff can guarantee coverage, we have a higher-than-average success rate because we know what reporters need – and what our clients can offer the audience of the media we’re helping you approach.

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