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Get Covered! Pitch your Article Ideas to the Media in St. Paul and Minneapolis

Often, an attorney, accountant or a financial services provider has a good story to tell the media – if not about their firm then an idea about something in the news that’s relevant to both their clients and their firm.

We have media relations pros on our team who know how to position you and your idea, and then pitch the story idea to a journalist they calculate is likely to be interested in it. Whether the idea is pegged to something in the news currently or an “evergreen” story that can run any time, our media relations and PR experts know how, when and to which reporter to pitch a story idea.

We’ve gotten clients on local newscasts as well as in national magazines by helping our clients fashion their idea into a usable story, and then “selling” it to reporters, editors and producers.

And there’s more than a vanity benefit to being quoted in a story. The news media can extend the reach and add third party credibility to all of your other marketing messages. This helps establish you as a Known Authority© among your target market as well as reminding clients why working with you is a good idea.

Story Pitches As Part of Outsourced Marketing Services in St. Paul and Minneapolis

For solo practitioners and small businesses, getting published matters a lot. We help you bridge the gap between you and the media publications you always wanted to appear in. With our consistent efforts, we craft your story pitches in a non-turn-down-able format. We get your brand to be a part of the prestigious media channels and the local ones too.

In an article titled, “20 More Marketing Ideas You Can Do in 5 Minutes or Less!,” PSM Founder & President Terrie S. Wheeler, MBC, explains how you can brainstorm article and interview ideas to relevant media sources. Pitching the right story at the right time can help you earn credibility in your industry and establish your authority in the market.

At PSM, we have a team of PR specialists who work on your behalf to create compelling pitches that are creatively crafted for your PR benefit. When you appear in the media publications you have targeted, you establish your brand image in the media.

We Offer Media Coverage Services As Your Marketing Coach in St. Paul and Minneapolis

As your Marketing Coach and Outsourced Marketing team, PSM makes sure that you get projected in the best light in front of your clients and prospects. For this, we tweak your message and impart the right voice to it, we build your message with the right language, and we help you secure positive media coverage.

With us, your professional services get augmented in value. We brand your services in the right way, thus offering you the immense benefits of marketing.

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