Project Management St. Paul and Minneapolis

Through our cracker jack project management team, we serve as the mortar between the bricks of your marketing activities and keep everything moving forward!

Our Project Management Team Works for You in St. Paul and Minneapolis

When we serve as the outsourced marketing department of a professional or financial services firm, we assign an experienced project manager to ensure all components are implemented on time and in budget.

Especially for attorneys, CPAs and financial advisors who are solo practitioners or in a small firm, having someone paying attention to all the details of their strategic marketing plan is vitally important. Whether it is keeping an eye on the deadline for a new blog post or making sure that an award submission is sent off on a timely basis, our experienced and professional project managers prevent important business development initiatives from falling through the cracks.

We realize that solo practitioners often end up devoting 100% of their time to their clients. If that is the case with you, we are here to become your extended and outsourced marketing department. PSM blends into your firm and our project managers take care of the nitty-gritty tasks, as well as the crucial ones such as branding and marketing, while you do what you do best.

A Strong Project Management Team Working Behind the Scenes in St. Paul and Minneapolis

As your outsourced marketing services provider, we work on your behalf to make sure you get the most out of opportunities. We have developed the potential to spot opportunities where you can transition yourself into a thought leader and an expert in your industry. We also measure the effectiveness and forecast the ROI of a new marketing/branding activity.

We help you focus only on those tasks that would offer you a chance to build your brand. We create your marketing and branding campaigns brick by brick so that you earn a steady stream of clients and outgrow competition.

Our project managers work on your behalf and make sure marketing and branding activities don’t take the backseat. At PSM, we help you offload marketing to us. Our experienced team of graphic designers, copywriters, project managers, branding experts, and technology specialists allow us to deliver the complete spectrum of marketing services.

Your project manager stays accountable and dedicated to your work so that they are not bogged down by multiple projects.

The Benefits Of An Outsourced Marketing Firm in St. Paul and Minneapolis

As a veteran in the marketing space with three decades of experience, PSM Founder & President Terrie S. Wheeler, MBC works to steer your marketing efforts in the right direction. We set up a team for you that handles all your marketing efforts and stays committed to your marketing plan for the week/month/year.

Experienced project managers make sure all your marketing and branding activities happen on time and on schedule. Outsourced marketing is for you if you have a growth goal and want to achieve the most out of your marketing efforts. When you collaborate with marketing experts such as those working with PSM, you improve your ROI and literally watch your practice grow!

With PSM, we assign a project manager to your firm, so that you are not bothered by the specifics. Your project manager keeps you informed and maintains transparent communication with you on all major marketing decisions.

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