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From media lists to by-lined articles, we’ll help you effectively reach your target audience.

How to Get Covered in the Press in St. Paul and Minneapolis

We work with law firms and other professional services organizations as well as financial services practitioners to create and implement proactive public relations initiatives and campaigns to extend the reach of a strategic marketing plan. Doing this successfully may involve approaching local news outlets, national publications or broadcasters, or industry and trade magazines and newsletters.

But public relations can be more than merely getting a client quoted by the news media. To us, it might also entail creating a profile in a practitioner’s community, in the industry where they have unique expertise, finding business, charitable or social service boards where they might serve, and even volunteer opportunities.

Defined broadly, we see “public relations” as involving every opportunity to build the profile of our clients.

How An Outsourced Marketing Department Can Help Build Public Relationship

In the article titled, “The Four Pillars of Marketing: Use Them to Grow your Practice”, PSM Founder & President Terrie S. Wheeler, MBC explains the third pillar- Increase Name Recognition and Awareness. This area of marketing includes blogging and social media and PR- basically everything that makes your name ring in your audience’s ears.

With a targeted marketing strategy, we help you zero in on your most profitable prospects. For doing this, we analyze each opportunity that comes your way. By closely analyzing the predicted ROI of each marketing action, we help you focus on the activities that may give you the maximum leverage.

Public Relations are a part of our strategy. We tap into the third-party credibility that the media can add to your business reputation. We look out for the reporters who cover businesses similar as yours. Then, we reach out to them with your story ideas, thoughts, and comments on a current happening in your industry. We weigh the relevance of the situation for your business practice and help you voice your opinions in front of your valued prospects.

Build a Recognizable Brand With A Chalked Out Media and PR Strategy in St. Paul and Minneapolis

At PSM, we have a team of Public Relations specialists who pitch to the media publications on your behalf. We work to get you quoted in the right publications that offer the maximum leverage to your practice as a service professional.

Professional services marketing entails a PR strategy to enhance the outreach of a lawyer or financial services professional. In a comprehensive PDF titled “Why Was That Lawyer Quoted? Tips To Secure Positive Press Coverage”, author PSM Founder & President Terrie S. Wheeler, MBC explains how services professionals can lay down an outline for building a successful PR strategy.

Here are a few starting steps the article highlights:

  • Setting a PR Objective- It helps professionals to set an objective for their PR strategy. This way, they become clear about their goals and are able to chalk out a well-planned strategy that does not go haywire.
  • Know Your Audience- The next best step is to decide on a prospect persona. Who is the ideal prospect you want to market to? Your audiences decide the reporters who market and speak to them. Before determining the audience, you cannot pick a PR agency or a publication.
  • Know Your Standout Message- Why should a media agency listen to you? It helps professionals to decide why they are different than the rest of the crowd. This is your USP and is integral to your PR strategy.

At PSM, we take upon us the task of building a media space for you. We analyze and then implement. This is why we call ourselves a strategic marketing firm.

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