Quick Start Rainmaker Package in St. Paul and Minneapolis

We offer a package of creative services for small firms designed to jump start your marketing efforts.

Jump Start Your Practice with Our Unique Marketing Offering in St. Paul and Minneapolis

Whether you are new firm looking to get your name established in the marketplace, or an established firm with an older website that needs a refresh, the Quick Start Rainmaker Package provides a unique, polished, consistent way for potential clients to interact with you.

Designed for firms with 10 or fewer attorneys, our package is a one-stop shop for everything from establishing a brand strategy to building and promoting your professional website.

Quick Start includes:

  • Branding
  • Social Media
  • Website
  • Promotion
  • Communications

Our experience working with smaller firms allows us to create a turn-key way to implement the best practices in legal marketing within an action-oriented time frame.

Unlock Your True Potential With Our Quick Start Rainmaker Program in St. Paul and Minneapolis

As part of our outsourced marketing services aimed at accountants, lawyers, and financial services professionals, we offer an all-inclusive marketing program. We have fathomed the fastest yet the most reliable way of marketing your services. Through our branding efforts, we build one voice for your firm. Any disconnects in your branding messages may lead to a disconnect in your brand image. We save you from that. We focus on your brand message and see that it gets through in all your branding materials.

Our social media strategy is created keeping in mind your audience and their preferences. We help you get hold of your social media platforms and leverage them for you to express your message freely. Social media is so much more than creating engaging posts- it is about creating a space for your firm in the market and building a niche where you are recognized as an expert.

Marketing Coaching for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses in St. Paul and Minneapolis

In the article titled, “How Marketing Coaching Can Put You On The Fast Track To Growth”, PSM Founder & President Terrie S. Wheeler, MBC explains how working with a marketing coach can turn your business 360-degree towards growth.

Here are some reasons why financial services professionals, accountants and attorneys should consider working with a marketing coach:

  • A marketing coach can help build a strategy aimed at growth and success.
  • A marketing coach can improve your influence in their industry.
  • A marketing coach can help leverage your strengths and lead with them.
  • Marketing coaching can help you create accountability and focus on your most pressing challenges.
  • Marketing coaching can steer you towards building lasting and meaningful relationships with the best contacts.
  • A marketing coach can help you measure the ROI on your marketing efforts, thus offering feedback on your practices, so you can learn and improve.

Marketing Coaching is critical for small businesses. And, especially targeted towards small businesses, we have created an all-inclusive package- the Quick Start Rainmaker Program.

Learn more about our marketing coaching practices and strategies through these resources:

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