Retainer Agreements in St. Paul and Minneapolis

PSM has expertise helping clients ensure retainer agreements are smooth, polished, and client-focused.

How to Write Ethical and Client-Focused Retainer Agreements in St. Paul and Minneapolis

For many practitioners, a retainer agreement or letter is a legal document that merely spells out the terms of the engagement and what the client will pay. We believe that the retainer agreement is an important tool to express appreciation for the work and to explain the value you will bring to the client.

We help lawyers, CPAs, financial advisors and other professionals rewrite their retainer agreements to be a way of starting to cement the relationship with a new client.

Without taking away the “legal necessities” in the letter, we write a few paragraphs that not only build the connection with your new client but also leave them feeling good about working with you. After all, the agreement is more than sort of a contract between the client and you. It is your first opportunity to show that you view them as more than a revenue source.

Revamping Retainer Agreements As Part of Outsourced Marketing in St. Paul and Minneapolis

Our outsourced marketing and marketing coaching services are not restricted to the more obvious and explicit ways of marketing. We take a 360-degree approach and revamp all aspects of your communications that can help solidify your brand image.

Revamping your retainer agreements is also a part of this extended approach. We like to work on your behalf and strengthen your relationships with your clients. We understand what goes into building strong client relationships and we strive for it.

The article titled, “The Four Pillars of Marketing: Use Them to Grow Your Practice!,” authored by PSM Founder & President Terrie S. Wheeler, MBC, explains the first pillar- “Retain and Grow Existing Relationships”. When you want to maintain healthy relationships with your clients and turn them into your long-term partners, we suggest you take care of the aspects your competitors are missing out on.

Retainer agreements are often identified as just legal documents that are straightforward and formal. We believe, along with laying down the specifics of the client relationship, these agreements also set the tone for the future communications.

Get the Ball Rolling With An Appreciative Retainer Agreement in St. Paul and Minneapolis

Retainer agreements are the pre-requisites for kickstarting your business relationship with your client. Why not leverage them to build a strong foundation of your relationship with your client? We improve your retainer agreements by adding a tone of gratitude for your client and welcoming them to your business.

By doing so, we help you establish a positive rapport with your client through a document that is otherwise only meant to be formal and impersonal. When your clients see you going that extra mile to make them feel valuable, they will know they have chosen the right professional.

Small acts lead to big benefits when it comes to business communications. Learn more about our outsource marketing and marketing coaching services for attorneys, financial advisors and other professionals:

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