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To make sure your professionals and staff participate in marketing too!

Marketing Training for your Professionals in St. Paul and Minneapolis

We offer a range of business development training programs for lawyers, accountants, financial services practitioners and others working in professional services.

Whether it is one-on-one coaching – one of our favorite activities with highly motivated professionals like you – or marketing training sessions for an entire office or practice area, we provide a program that is tailored to your specific needs. Unlike many off-the-shelf business development education for lawyers, we help financial service providers, accountants and so on, and offer training programs that address the areas – and people – how and where you and your firm need the most help.

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Marketing Coaching and Training for You and Your Team in St. Paul and Minneapolis

The article “The 2018 Law Firm Outlook: Hot Practices and Marketing Trends” by Jim Bliwas, Strategic Communications, explains the importance of marketing coaching for professionals who deliver services to their clients. The article points out that formal coaching and business development education can prove the most effective investment you make this year.

For mid-sized firms that are looking to scale up and land larger clients, it is important that the complete team stays well-versed with the nitty-gritty of marketing. Even for solo practitioners, one-on-one marketing coaching can prove to be a necessity.

When you want all team members involved in generating business for your law firms, you look at how you can train them to do so. We help you with this seemingly arduous task. PSM takes the responsibility to train and coach your non-industry managing partner or team members, so they can become better equipped for bringing in new business for you.

Tailor-Made Programs That Resonates With Your Goals in St. Paul and Minneapolis

Your outsourced marketing team at PSM makes sure that the training courses designed for you and your team are entirely centered around your goals for the year, or for the week. We create training sessions that help your team identify their personal challenges and combat them with the right skills and knowledge.

In the article titled “Marketing and the Art of Mentorship,”  PSM Founder & President Terrie S. Wheeler, MBC explains how attorneys, CPAs, and other professionals in the services business miss out on mentoring and training their teams, irrespective of its size.

At PSM, we take the burden off you. We create customized training modules that cater to the concerns you have for your team and business. We build training sessions to help you and your team get over your challenges and help earn new business.

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