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Designed for visitors to interact with you and determine if they are a good candidate for your services.  As an example, see our surveys for Marketing Coaching and Outsourced Marketing.

Experts at Survey Monkey and Other Survey Tools in St. Paul and Minneapolis

Web-based surveys can be a quick way of gauging the attitudes, needs and desires of your clients as well as prospects. Generally, we use Survey Monkey for these projects because the questionnaire can be branded with your logo or sent anonymously. And the responses are tabulated automatically so that decisions can be made relatively quickly.

We’ve helped clients use a web survey for everything from testing the acceptance of a new service offering to conducting a thorough client satisfaction audit. Web-based surveys are easy and cost-effective. We use web-based surveys for our clients to gather valuable information through an automatic process.

The data we gather through web surveys does not need to be managed manually and sorted through. We help our clients leverage surveys to keep a finger on the nerve of their clients’ satisfaction.

Client Surveys to Gauge their Satisfaction in St. Paul and Minneapolis

Professional services marketing is not only about explicit marketing tactics but also about how you deliver your services to your clients. Marketing taps into new prospects and the ones who are your clients.

In the article titled “Time to Survey Your Clients?,”  PSM Founder & President Terrie S. Wheeler, MBC explains the various survey types and formats and their particular uses for professionals.

One of the most flexible format options available for attorneys, CPAs, financial advisors, and other professionals is a web-based survey. Web-based surveys are easy to customize, create, distribute, and administer. There is negligible manual effort and time that goes into creating and managing a web-based survey.

The response rates for these surveys are high as your clients only have to potentially submit a form on the internet with their honest opinions. While web-based surveys lack the personal touch you can impart through telephonic or one-on-one interviews, these are a great way to address a large group of clients.

Automate Client Satisfaction Measurement through Web-based Surveys

When a database is integrated into the survey system, we can eliminate the need for manual data entry and data management. Automating the complete task of surveying through web-based surveys is an efficient method.

At PSM, we build web-based surveys for you that cater to different purposes of your business. PSM creates web-based surveys for service professionals who need testimonials from their clients and want to measure how their services are making a difference to their clients.

We take this opportunity to reaffirm your importance for your clients through the survey format we create and our designers build. Here are some more resources for you to learn how client surveys prove to be beneficial for attorneys, CPAs, financial advisors, and other services professionals-

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