How do you deliver marketing coaching?

With individual marketing coaching clients, we really use the same process that we use with our outsource marketing clients, which means we start with an assessment. Instead of creating a full-fledged marketing plan, we create what we called coaching plan. That’s really based around that individual’s specific needs because some of our coaching clients are actually starting to practice from scratch. More than marketing with an individual coaching client, we really focus more on sales skills, their individual ability to go out and network and start building a strong referral network, because when it comes to being an individual, building your own practice it really does rely a lot on the referral process. We work with them on who to network with, who is a good referral source for their practice. We look at where their business is going to generally come from. Then we also look at how are they tracking their prospects and the referral sources, looking at developing a sales pipeline and having regular accountability meetings with them.

Sometimes we talk with them anywhere from two, to three, to four times a month. Generally, it progresses into one time a month when we’re working with them on what they’ve been doing throughout the month and who they’ve been talking to and were those good candidates to refer to them, and then what kind of prospects they have and how they can keep that moving forward. It’s really an exciting process. We really enjoy our individual marketing coaching clients.

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