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For the past 25 years, Terrie S. Wheeler, MBC has worked as a legal marketing expert in the Twin Cities. After serving as an in-house marketing director for 12 years, she decided to start her own company called PSM Marketing in 1997. Since then, Terrie has coached hundreds of lawyers in Minnesota and throughout the nation on how to successfully retain and grow their existing relationships, attract new clients, increase their name recognition and awareness, and create targeted and effective communications to help their practices grow.

In addition, Terrie recently completed a six-year term on the Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board where, for the last two years, she served as its Vice Chair. Terrie decided it was time to merge her strong background in legal ethics with her years serving as a marketing coach and consultant to lawyers. The result is a unique combination of marketing coaching-level content that just happens to come with ethics CLE credit!

On-Demand Marketing Coaching for Minnesota Attorneys

Having helped so many clients through the years, Terrie wanted to take her marketing coaching process one step further. In August 2018, she launched a new service called CLE Connect | Ethical Marketing CLEs On-Demand. CLE Connect is the culmination of Terrie’s years of experience, feedback from real Minnesota lawyers, and an amazing online educational platform. Her goal in creating this service was to make her coaching content available to as many attorneys as possible at a price any lawyer could afford. Whether you’ve just passed the bar or are looking to continue your growth trajectory, CLE Connect has relevant coaching content for you.

CLE Connect offers easy-to-use, relevant and important on-demand CLE opportunities.  I felt like Terrie was with me in my office talking about the ethical rules related to marketing.  The written materials were well-done and Terrie’s conversational style and real life experiences made the CLE come to life.  Thank you for developing this useful product!

– Barb Weckman Brekke, Attorney and Law School Professor

There’s a lot you don’t learn in law school- especially if you’re a solo-practitioner. CLE Connect will provide a crash-course to teach you the ethical marketing strategies needed to grow your practice. Right now, CLE Connect is offering 6 core courses at $49.99 each:

  1. The Rules Related to Ethical Marketing in Minnesota: As you know, lawyers in Minnesota are governed by the Minnesota Rules of Professional Conduct. This course focuses on the most important Rules related to marketing your practice, and offers pragmatic tips for compliance with each.
  2. Developing an Ethical Marketing Plan: This course will show you how to develop an ethically sound, results-oriented marketing plan – one you will actually be motivated to implement! We want this course to provide you with a proven outline from which you can create your personal (and ethical) marketing plan.
  3. Identify and Build an Ethical Niche: How many lawyers are in Minnesota? The answer is almost 30,000. So how do you differentiate your style, approach and experience? By focusing on what you do best. Take this course and learn how to develop and ethically promote a solid niche for your practice.
  4. Using Your Website to Ethically Generate Business: In today’s digitally savvy marketplace, your website plays a more important role than ever in conveying the right first impression for your practice. Learn how to ethically maximize your website to generate more business.
  5. Ethical Marketing Strategies for Lawyers: You’re busy and need to maximize your marketing time. That’s why this course was created. In this course, you’ll learn the top marketing strategies to ethically build your practice. Every recommendation has been tried and tested and has been deemed high impact and low cost.
  6. The Ethics of Social Media: Everyone seems to be capitalizing on the power of social media – even lawyers! In this course, you will learn how to apply the Rules of Professional Responsibility when you’re posting, liking, sharing, responding, and friending!

Stay tuned over the next few months- Terrie is planning to launch new course bundles geared specifically toward recent law school grads, women attorneys, and attorneys who want to take their practices to the next level. Questions about marketing coaching or CLE Connect? Contact Terrie at or by calling (320) 358-1000.

As Featured In Attorney At Law Magazine | August 2018

“We recently had the opportunity to sit down with marketing veteran and Attorney at Law Magazine columnist, Terrie S. Wheeler, MBC, to discuss her exciting new on-demand CLE program for Minnesota Lawyers: CLE Connect | Ethical Marketing CLEs On-Demand. Wheeler combines her ethics background with her more than 25 years of legal industry marketing experience in this comprehensive, on-demand, CLE-accredited program that teaches lawyers the marketing skills they never learned in law school.”
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