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Why Boosting Facebook Posts Matters

When Facebook is part of the strategic marketing plan we create for your firm, we work to ensure that your posts generate the maximum returns.

With tens of millions of Facebook pages from individuals and companies, it is critical to leave an impact on your target audience. The Facebook boosts we make on your behalf will help you reach potential clients, engage them, and spur them to act – which could mean visiting your website, asking a question, sending an email, or giving you a call.

Strategically Steps to Boost Posts or Promoted Posts on Facebook

PSM strategically follows these steps to boost your business on the leading social media platform:

  • A fitting profile image – Your business page’s profile image speaks volumes about it. The aesthetic appeal of your Facebook page adds to your brand’s image and your appeal to your clients and referrals.
  • An apt cover photo – This image conveys even more about your firm than the profile image. This is a concise message that you want to get across to your clients and referrals. This image is your visual tagline, and it should be captivating.
  • Getting your Facebook page verified – Getting verified on Facebook doesn’t take long and makes you credible and trustworthy. It also helps you appear higher in search results.
  • Sending invitations to friends and peers – The primary way to garner “likes” on your Facebook page is through inviting friends and acquaintances to like it. Your “likes” will begin to grow exponentially, and your business page will flourish.
  • Connecting through other platforms – To establish your Facebook page’s credibility, it is vital to link it to different social media profiles, to your website, etc.
  • Adding photos and videos – By adding to the images and videos area, you help your visitors identify the work that you do. These also help you engage with your audiences.
  • Updating your URL – Initially, Facebook assigns a non-customized URL to your page. You need to tweak your URL to something that suits you better. This will help you direct people to your Facebook profile easily.
  • Boosting your page – It is essential to promote your page to reach a wider audience for your business who may be interested in the services you provide.

How Social Media Marketers Found Success With Facebook – St.Paul and Minneapolis

These steps and more are outlined in How to Kickstart Your Firm’s Facebook Page by Lauren Schufman, a Project Manager at PSM.

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