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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know about Facebook. Over one billion people are active on Facebook (compare that to only 100 million people using Instagram). While marketers often consider LinkedIn the “more professional” version of Facebook, they are two very different social media platforms. It’s true Facebook is more “chill” than LinkedIn, but that doesn’t necessarily mean there isn’t a professional element. Millions of businesses utilize Facebook as a means of engaging with their target audience on a personal level, which is exactly what you should do. If you’ve ever used Facebook, you know how addicting it can be to scroll through your Newsfeed and see what’s happening to your friends and get the latest news. When marketing your firm, that definitely falls in your favor – but in order to really leverage your audience and persuade them to Like your Facebook page, there are a few key items that you should complete.

  1. Profile Image — This may seem like a no-brainer, but many pages are established these days with no aesthetic appeal. If you don’t have a profile picture, then the reputation of your page is immediately put into question. For small firms, the best images are either a square logo image or a professional headshot of the “big-wigs” at the firm (i.e. the Senior Partners.)
  2. Cover Photo — Also referred to as the “Hero Image,” this is an image that is used on the website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and any other social media profiles made on behalf of the firm. It’s sort of like a visual tag-line that people can recognize across sites. Hero images keep your profiles looking consistent, professional, and clean. Here’s an example of what a Hero image looks like:

As you can see, the image is a large size (so no ugly pixilation occurs) and it has a clarity and crispness that draws your eye. In this case, minimal wording that ties directly to the company’s slogan is layered over a semi-transparent white bar (to make the words easier to read). It’s important to note that the tagline isn’t obstructed by the page’s profile image area (bottom left corner). As seen below, the profile image and the page description fit perfectly with the background image.

  1. Verify Your Facebook Page — A verified organization page on Facebook will appear higher in search results and alert users that it’s an official, credible source for the firm. It takes very little time to verify your page – all you need to do is call into the number listed on Facebook or submit some sort of official firm documentation (such as a phone bill.) For more information on how to complete the process, check out Facebook’s help page.
  2. Invite Your Friends & Peers — This is one of the best ways to increase Likes for a Facebook page. By inviting your close network of Facebook friends, you are reaching out to the people most likely to be actively engaged on your page! By having activity on your Facebook page, you increase the network seeing your page. Slowly, the traffic to your Facebook page will snowball. Invite everyone from your Uncle to your high-school buddies – you never know who is going to need the services your firm offers!
  3. Connect Other Apps — Build your credibility by linking the Facebook page to your website, your CRM list sign-up (MailChimp, Constant Contact, etc.), and your Twitter, Instagram, and other social media accounts. When a page looks like it’s been taken care of, people notice.
  4. Add Photos & Videos — Show off those stellar headshots of your firm members and add your Youtube videos to Facebook. By filling out the Photos and Videos area, visitors can easily identify you, your area of expertise, and that your firm is actively engaged with the audience on the site.
  5. Update the Facebook Page URL — Initially, Facebook assigns your page with a non-customized URL. It’s a subtle, but important change to make on the page. Known as the vanity URL, this is the URL that you’ll use to direct other people to the page. It’s important that it looks clean and reputable on other website. Once you’ve reached 10 Likes, you can update your vanity URL on Facebook.

Once you’ve followed these steps, you’ve set your Facebook page up for success. While there is always more work that can be done, visitors will now see your page as one that’s well maintained and worth a look.

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With a recent B.S. from The University of St. Thomas, Lauren M. Schufman has found her true passions lie in connecting tangible scientific data with the intangible complexities of the human spirit. Her studies have sharply shaped her scientific reasoning and creative problem solving, while her work experiences honed a wide array of skills including social media management, nonprofit administrative work, graphic design, event planning, and marketing. Lauren loves a good challenge, whether it be playing roller derby or trying out a new recipe. She can almost always be found with a cup of coffee and her rescue beagle, Nova.

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