The True Value of a New Headshot

The True Value of a New Headshot - PSM Marketing

I am humbled, honored and moved by the real power a new headshot can have on someone’s confidence and self-awareness.

Aspirational value of a headshot

The first time a client commented on the inner meaning of their headshot, I was taken aback. It brought tears to my eyes to discover that their photo would be aspirational for them. Jean was newly relocated to the Twin Cities and needed a new headshot for her consulting practice. We talked about her clients, her brand and the persona she wanted to convey. Jean worked as hard as I did to capture this brand.

What moved me after the session was when Jean said, “I say that photo is my aspirational photo. I’d love to look that good and confident each day.  With a great headshot, I am able to portray that image every day.”


When this type of reaction became a pattern, I truly appreciated the power of capturing people’s true authenticity in their headshots. Not long ago, I received a touching message from my friend and colleague. Mary has launched an innovative new business that fulfills her passion for making it easier to care for others by sending joy and engagement to older persons. Glorious Hugs‘ care packages encourage dialog by talking about the art and poetry in the care packages and using the discussion questions that are also included.

hush-headshots-recommended-crop-for-web-5jeanjenney-kelicomm-crop-for-webmaryMary’s message gave me chills as I read it: “As you know I’ve been getting a lot of press lately, which means literally tens of thousands of people are seeing the picture you took of me. …

“I was initially taken aback by the photo as it seemed to show a side of me that I was unfamiliar with—more assertive and confident—more decisive. Yet showed kindness and imperfection in a nice human way as well.

“In reflecting on that picture now and how I’ve developed since the picture was taken, it seems that the picture had clues to who I was becoming. You made me feel like there was something extraordinarily special about me, and I was capable of more than where I came from. You brought it out in my eyes, face and posture.

“Thank you for helping me see who I could become.”

Read more about Glorious Hugs here.

Comments from others

Others who have moved me beyond words when I heard the impact their photo had on their confidence and self-awareness:

“Your photo of me captured the real me. The ‘me’ that greets clients every day with that smile, with that acceptance, and with that intelligence. Through your lens, you showed me ‘me.’ It’s incredibly valuable to be able to convey that to my clients. It’s a blessing to be able to convey that to ME. Thank you. Thank you. And thank you.”


“I LOVE the photo–I knew I would, but every time I look at it I’m surprised all over again by how clearly it captures what I want people to know about me. Thank you!”


“I wanted to thank you for the spectacular work. It makes me feel confident again.”


Don’t underestimate the power a new headshot or LinkedIn profile picture can have on your confidence and career.

Jen A. KellyJen captures her clients’ authentic brand through LinkedIn profile pictures and business photography. After working 25+ years for companies like Medtronic, Dayton Hudson and Deluxe Corporation, Jen took her years of executive and corporate communications experience working for Fortune 1000 companies and now puts it to use working with individuals and companies to capture their authentic brand.

Jen’s photography studio, KeliComm Headshots, is located in the heart of the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District.


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