Public Speaking in St. Paul and Minneapolis

We will help you identify groups and topics to get you out speaking to prospective clients.

Become the Expert: How to Secure Speaking Opportunities in St. Paul and Minneapolis

Along with writing thought-provoking articles and blogs, helping establish you as a Known Authority© can come from speaking engagements at industry or trade meetings, conferences staged by professional associations, and other platform engagements.

We help all of our clients – lawyers, accountants, financial service professionals, executives in other businesses – find appropriate venues for them to deliver a speech, appear on a panel or be a contributor to a symposium. We work with a client to prepare a submission and then be booked by the program committee.

Then we help them rehearse for their appearance so that when they stand at the front of a room their presentation captivates the audience. Finally, we leverage the effort you put into the speech by writing a synopsis that can be distributed to your database of clients, contacts and referral sources, as well as on social media.

This ensures that a presentation is exposed to more than just the people sitting in the room when you deliver it.

We Measure the ROI of Each Speaking Opportunity in St. Paul and Minneapolis

As your professional services marketing partner, PSM predicts the ROI you would drive home with all speaking events in your industry. We then help select the ones that would lead to the best returns. We assess the quality of speaking gigs by analyzing the audience expected to attend it, the media groups expected to cover the event, and the overall reach of the event beyond the people who attend it.

For the maximum exposure, we suggest you to take up speaking opportunities that will probably be attended by your A-level prospects. These are the prospects and clients you want to stay top of mind with. And, by engaging in a meeting and becoming a speaker at an event they are expected to attend, you can leave a lasting impression on them.

We help attorneys, financial advisors, and other professionals predict returns on their speaking engagements and help decide the ones that are best to leverage.

Speaking Engagements- A Critical Part of Our Outsourced Marketing Services in St. Paul and Minneapolis

We see speaking engagements as an essential part of marketing your brand and your services. By speaking at events, meetings and conferences, you build a brand reputation that goes far beyond your marketing activities in the online world. We prepare you for the appearance at your speaking event so you can deliver a captivating presentation.

In an article titled “Marketing Best Practices for Women Lawyers,” PSM Founder & President Terrie S. Wheeler, MBC explains why speaking gigs are important for women lawyers. The article highlights how professionals can take help from their best contacts and the organizations they belong to, to get notified of events and conferences in their area of expertise. By doing so, PSM encourages clients to get on the speakers’ list when a high-value opportunity arrives.

PSM takes care of your marketing and helps you establish brand authority in your industry.

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