What is a Marketing Coach and Why Do I Need One?

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For the past 20 years I have served as a marketing coach to hundreds of individual professionals.   My clients tell me that having a marketing coach feels like they have their own personal marketing director focused solely and exclusively on their success.   All that matters is you and your success.  Sounds good, right?  If you work consistently with a marketing coach, you will see quantifiable results in your practice.  Other benefits of working with a marketing coach include:

  • Strategic Focus – Your marketing coach will be able to cut through the clutter of your opportunities and help you focus on the high impact, low cost strategies that will drive new clients to your door
  • Your Personal Cheerleader – Sounds corny but it’s true.  Even you, a successful professional, need someone to cheer you on – to let you know when you are doing a great job, or wrote an excellent blog post.  We all need people in our lives who support and encourage us.  That’s in your marketing coach’s job description!
  • Build Upon your Strengths – Everyone is born with inherent strengths – those areas you automatically gravitate to.  We use the Gallop Organization’s StrengthsFinder™ in our coaching work.  Interested in what your top five strengths are?  You can pay $15 and Take the Assessment Here.  After you take the StrengthsFinder, you will have access to a plethora of strengths analysis tailored just for you.
  • Integrate your Personality Preferences – In addition to the StrengthsFinder, we have our clients go to www.16personalities.com to find out their Meyers Briggs Type; personality preferences that guide your actions and motivations
  • Boost your Confidence – Because your coach generally turns into the president of your fan club, that person is able to provide feedback on your opportunities and encourage in ways others simply can’t.   Part of confidence boosting is reinforcing what you’re already doing really well as well as providing insights and advice on how to up your game in certain areas
  • Laser Focus – In order for marketing coaching to benefit you, you have to focus and do the work.  Working with a marketing coach can provide just the focus you need to spend your marketing time well.
  • Accountability Partner – I can’t tell you how many of my coaching clients take action because they don’t want to show up to a meeting without having done their homework.  It’s not that I shame them – it’s that knowing they are accountable to me motivates them to take action they know will help them grow their practice.
  • Turning Contacts into Clients – Your marketing coach will work with you on a contact-specific basis to develop unique strategies for each person you have identified as a top client or referral source prospect.
  • Knowing WHAT to Do –  Every professional acknowledges the need to “do more in marketing.”  However, determining what you should do is more important than simply pursuing random activities in the name of marketing.  Your coach will help you determine how to spend your valuable time.  What activities will generate results versus what won’t. Because of her industry experience, she can guide you on what to do (and what NOT to do).
  • Got Motivation? – Many times the best intentions fall to the back burner (or off the burner and onto the floor) because you lose your motivation. You forget why “it” is important to your future success.  Your coach will keep you motivated so you can keep your eye on the proverbial ball!
  • It’s All in the Numbers – Any marketing coach worth her salt will have specific ways in which to measure your efforts.  Everything you do needs to be tied to a way in which to measure results. Great coaches know how to turn your efforts into quantifiable results.  Most firms don’t pay you for the efforts you put into marketing.  They pay you for RESULTS!
  • The No BS Clause – Any marketing coach worth her salt will never tell you what you want to hear.  She will focus on what is best for you even if it’s not what you want to hear.  How will you ever improve if you work with a yes-man as a coach?

If you found yourself agreeing that the activities above would be helpful to you as you continue to grow your practice, it’s highly likely marketing coaching would benefit you.  To find out for sure, you can take our survey: Am I a Good Candidate for Marketing Coaching.  Complete the survey and submit it.  We will review your responses and get back to you!

Laser-Focused Targeting: The Key to Your Success

In 1997, Terrie Wheeler leveraged her 12 year career as an in-house law firm marketing director, and founded Professional Marketing Services, LLC (PSM). The focus of PSM is to deliver outsourced marketing department and individual marketing coaching services to clients in the legal and financial services industries.  Prior to founding PSM, Terrie served as the marketing director at three large Minnesota law firms.  During this time she and her marketing team led all marketing and business development efforts at the firm-wide, practice group, industry group and individual attorney levels by creating and implementing highly-targeted and results-oriented marketing strategies.

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