Sales Strategies in St. Paul and Minneapolis

It doesn’t matter that you market a service.  You still need a sales plan. We help you create a personalized sales pipeline.

Sales Training and Relationship Building is Key to your Success in Practice

Marketing establishes the brand, the position and what differentiates one firm from another. Business development is the “sales” component that gets new clients for lawyers, law firms, accountants and other professional services organizations as well as for financial planners and advisors working in the financial services industry.

When we work with an organization, we help them develop effective sales strategies that enable them to attract and grow the client base.

Since each sector is different, and each prospective client is unique, the sales strategies we create and manage varies, as well. There is no “one size fits all”, so, unlike many advisors who work with professional and financial services firms, we don’t employ a cookie cutter approach to business development initiatives.

Whether you are a solo practitioner or work in a small or midsized firm, you’ll find that our tailored approach to building a sales strategy for you is an effective way to convert your marketing initiatives into an effective business development – or sales – strategy.

Defining Your Unique Sales Strategy As Your Marketing Coach in St. Paul and Minneapolis

As a professional services marketing company, we work with our clients who are solo practitioners, small or mid-sized firms and create sales strategies that resonate with their business needs. We realize that your marketing efforts are critical to your business’ growth, but are not enough on their own. Marketing our practice builds our name recognition, while sales is what we need after that.

After you have conveyed your business message in your marketplace and you have earned prospective leads, a sales strategy enters the picture. Marketing is the foundation upon which your sales practices work and earn new business for you.

We like to perceive sales as a set of questions you ask your clients after they have reached out to you through your marketing efforts. When sitting across from your potential client, what you say, is sales. For our clients to ask the right questions to their prospect, we encourage them to learn everything about their prospects and their business before they meet them.

This helps our clients ask the right questions and know what to expect. Sales is a crucial skill that service professionals need to equip themselves with, and we help them learn through the resources we have built over the years.

Outsource Your Marketing To a Sales-Skilled Company in St. Paul and Minneapolis

At PSM, we have a team of sales specialists who work to make you comfortable with sales and give you practical tips on selling your services in a better way. In the FREE video resource, titled “Hoes does PSM Work With Lawyers?,” PSM Founder & President Terrie S. Wheeler, MBC talks about her experience marketing for law firms and attorneys.

Through the video, PSM Founder & President Terrie S. Wheeler, MBC shares- while lawyers are a very intelligent group of people, there are two skills they weren’t taught in law schools- Sales & Marketing. So, PSM takes special efforts to encourage their clients to adopt sales strategies that may benefit their business.

Here are some resources for you to learn about sales and how it is different from marketing:

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