Looking Back to See Ahead: Trends In Law Firm Marketing

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Terrie S. Wheeler, MBC, is the founder of PSM and a professional marketing coach. She specializes in the legal marketing industry and has nearly three decades of experience for small and mid-sized law firms. In one of her recent articles, Terrie spills the beans on how the trends in law firm marketing have evolved through the years. As the motto goes, “Change fast or die slow.” With the disruptive nature of technology constantly changing the landscape of sales and marketing initiatives, it is imperative to keep the future in mind and adapt to marketing changes.

Find out how to differentiate between sales and marketing, how to handle marketing when you are in a crunch for resources, and how the marketing industry has transformed for legal professionals. Terrie provides a holistic approach to marketing, including tricks and tips for reaching out to customers, outsourcing marketing requirements, and other topics that will change your perspective on your marketing needs and plans.

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