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Be where your clients are.  We will help you find the right group and become a high-profile member.

How to Use Trade Association Involvement to Grow Your Practice in St. Paul and Minneapolis

There was a time not long ago when trade association membership was seen as something for executives and managers of rust belt companies and high-tech entrepreneurs. If it were ever true, it certainly isn’t true anymore.

One of the services we provide to clients who are lawyers, financial service advisors, accountants and other professionals is helping them sort through a long and growing list of trade associations that may be important to growing their business.

But just as important, we help people become speakers at key trade association meetings and conferences. Not only are such speaking engagements an important part of becoming what we call a Known Authority©, they are an excellent way of meeting decision makers who are in a position to retain you and use your services.

Moreover, when you do appear on a platform or panel, we help you leverage your remarks on social media and in communiques with clients, prospects, referral sources and other contacts. This enables your message to be heard far beyond the four walls of the trade association meetings.

Trade Associations as Prospect Magnets in St. Paul and Minneapolis

In the article “Marketing Best Practices for Women Lawyers”,  PSM Founder & President Terrie S. Wheeler, MBC explains why lawyers need to set a goal to become a part of trade associations. Trade associations that attract prospects and referral sources can prove to be worth the investment of time and effort. When you attend the meetings, volunteer, sponsor, speak, write, and participate in a trade association that brings your prospects and referral sources together, you get to the top of the minds of people that can potentially bring you business.

Here’s why we call PSM a strategic professional services marketing company. We don’t encourage you to become part of the events, the associations, or the gigs where your target audience are not present. We propel you to become a high-profile member of the associations that bring together your prospects and referral sources.

The article “Lead With Your Strengths: The Key To Marketing Success For Introverts” by PSM Founder & President Terrie S. Wheeler, MBC aims to help the attorneys and other professionals who recognize themselves as introverts. While these professionals may find it hard to appear at speaking events and meetings, they can always contribute their thoughts to trade association magazines, thereby they can find a way to get to the minds of the association members, without having to play off their weakness.

Your outsourced marketing team at PSM tailors practices and approaches to fit your personality, so you don’t find it hard to market yourself with confidence.

Intentional PSM Marketing with Trade Associations in St. Paul and Minneapolis

At PSM, we steer the smallest of activities you perform as an attorney, CPA, financial advisor, or any other professional, for your business benefit. For this reason, our team analyzes the opportunities that come your way and help you leverage the ones that may drive peak ROI for you.

In the article titled “Sweat the Small Stuff: The Ethics of Marketing Your Law Practice”, PSM Founder & President Terrie S. Wheeler, MBC elaborates the importance of taking care of the small things as a service professional. To become the go-to advisor for your industry, become part of trade associations that are attended by your prospects and referral sources. We further encourage you to develop business relationships with your targeted prospects and selectively follow-up with them after you have had initial conversations.

Strategically position yourself in the core groups your prospects and high-value clients are a part of. PSM helps you leverage trade associations for your advantage and drive business deals on the foundation of trust and relationships.

Learn more about why trade associations are important for you through a video resource by PSM Founder & President Terrie S. Wheeler, MBC titled “Why is it Important for Professionals to Engage in Trade and Professional Associations?

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