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Has it been more than two years since your “new” website? You likely need a refresh!

How to Use Your Website to Develop Business in St. Paul and Minneapolis

Your website is your primary marketing and business development vehicle. A modern, easy to navigate, easy to read website is crucial to the success of a professional services business.

Professional Web Design Development Services Company in St. Paul and Minneapolis

Our designers, copywriters, and website development experts in Minneapolis have built countless websites over the years for lawyers, financial service providers, accountants and other service businesses. We don’t take a “cookie cutter” approach because, in websites, one size never fits all. Rather, we work with you to ensure that the look and message fit with your brand – and as part of the process, we are often asked to create a brand statement as well as a new look for the brand.

Many professional marketing services firms in Minneapolis mistakenly believe that because they have a website, all they have to do is add content occasionally. But they start to look tired and old, like a car with too many miles and years on it. The fact is that websites need to be given a fresh look and a copy re-do every three or four years.

We keep your website as vital and compelling as your practice.

Why Website Development is Crucial for Outsourced Marketing

Your website is one of the places your prospects see you and learn about you the most. PSM works to make sure you give out the right message through your website. We revamp your website’s look and feel when it has gone stale and calls for a re-do.

As your marketing coach and your outsourced marketing services provider, PSM knows the importance of a well-kept website. It can boost or hinder your business. We make sure your website does the former for you. In the article titled “7 Ways A Coach Will Improve Your Business Development Efforts” by Jim Bliwas, Strategic Communications specialist at PSM, we talk about using the social media as a vehicle for marketing. If you want to include the presence of social media on your website, so that your readers and viewers could share and spread your message across platforms, we can help you.

PSM has a team of copywriters, website developers, and designers in Minneapolis, who can completely overhaul your website- for good.

Outsourced Marketing- Website Development is the First Step

The article “The Next Generation of Small Business Marketing: Websites” by Michelle Wheeler, Project Manager and Website Designer at PSM, perfectly sums up the need for a website re-do for attorneys, CPAs, financial advisors, and other services professionals.

  • Website Accessibility – Today, all businesses realize the need for a website. But, not many professionals recognize the need for the website to be available and accessible to their prospects. With an SEO advantage, PSM can boost the footfall you receive on your site. Our expert SEO professionals take care of your search engine rankings when you want us to revamp your website.
  • Two Faces of A Website – At PSM, we have a team of creatives as well as tech-specialists. Therefore, we can proficiently handle the back-end as well as the front-end of your website. The code and programming that goes into creating the back-end take care of the loading time and the functioning of the website. However, the front-end coding leads to captivating and refreshing website designs that capture the attention of your visitors.
  • Website Evolution – We believe a website’s existence to be evolutionary. A website should be regularly updated so that it gets the focus of search engines and it stays relevant and fresh.

If you are a fan of trying new things and would not mind going through a slight learning curve to create your own website, we encourage you to find a plethora of online resources ready to help you.

However, if you are a small business owner or a solo practitioner who is super busy handling clients and projects, we are here for you. PSM can build your website from scratch or can overhaul the one you have right now- keeping in mind SEO and designing aspects.

Website Development and Design in St. Paul and Minneapolis – A Hot Marketing Trend

Website design and development in Minneapolis made it to our list of hot trends this year, included in the article “The 2018 Law Firm Outlook: Hot Practices and Marketing Trends” by Jim Bliwas, Strategic Communications specialist at PSM.

Website accessibility issue is expected to be reinforced by the Dept. Of Justice. And, we don’t want you to be non-compliant. Schedule a website overhaul with our specialists, who can turn an old and stale website into one that is shiny and revitalized.

Create a brand image through a website that speaks for you!

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