PSM Provides Tailored Marketing Services to Minneapolis Firms

PSM Marketing (PSM) is based in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area and serves lawyers, Contractors, Green Energy Companies, Non-Profit Organizations, Recruiting Firms, and other small businesses and professional services firms. As a proud Minneapolis marketing agency, partners Terrie S. Wheeler, MBC, and Michelle R. Wheeler pride themselves on always taking a strategic approach to clients’ biggest marketing challenges.  How do we do this? Well, speaking personally, “As a marketing consultant in Minneapolis, I decided to establish PSM after spending over ten years as a law firm marketing director,” said Terrie Wheeler, founder and president of PSM.  “I knew that if I could make the lawyers in my law firms happy, I could broaden my approach and work with lawyers through my own marketing agency in Minneapolis.”

With the proliferation of digital marketing, PSM set its sights on becoming one of THE preeminent online marketing companies in Minneapolis.  To do this, we had to practice what preached to our clients. “As our company has grown, we have become more focused on being a digital marketing company in Minneapolis,” said Michelle Wheeler, PSM Partner. “Every single client we work with uses the digital marketing services PSM offers in all areas including website development, social media, blog posting, and strategic communications with clients, she added.

Digital Marketing Services in Minneapolis

Today, social media is fast becoming saturated with millions of would-be bloggers posting videos, blogs of interest, and other content designed to engage visitors.  The algorithms driving sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter change the rules without notice, forcing the lawyers, financial advisors and CPAs using social media to once again morph into the new rules.

PSM uses a very strategic approach when it comes to serving as the marketing agency in Minneapolis sought out by professional services firms. When you engage PSM as your marketing company in Minneapolis, here’s what we do:

Online Marketing Companies in Minneapolis

So you might be wondering – what does PSM bring to the table that other online marketing companies in Minneapolis don’t? We bring a focused expertise in working with professional services firms. Our clients hail from law firms, recruiting firms, non-profit organizations, green energy companies, and many more.  In addition, we work with any company marketing the time, talent and expertise of its professionals or employees. We’re not just any Minneapolis marketing company. We have been born and raised in the Twin Cities, surrounded by parks, lakes, theaters, museums, and everything else that makes Minneapolis a great community.

We are committed to the Minneapolis area and relish the opportunity to work with Minneapolis clients to develop and implement creative and innovative digital marketing services in Minneapolis.

While we would never disrespect or bash our competition, we will tell you that as a marketing company in Minneapolis, we develop close, trusting relationships with our clients.  We are not just a “vendor.” Because our engagements span the course of a year, we are truly an extension of your firm. We are your marketing department. We just don’t office with you.

What Our Clients Say

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Working with a Virtual Marketing Agency in Minneapolis

When our clients are looking for a marketing agency in Minneapolis, they appreciate the fact that we operate in a virtual environment.  Our PSM team has been working together for many years. In fact, most clients in Minneapolis don’t even realize that PSM has no brick and mortar location.  That said, we do use technologies that allow us to video conference, conduct educational training sessions, and even do marketing coaching from the comfort of your office – and from ours.  Because digital marketing services in Minneapolis have changed so much in the past few years, we are proud of our status as a virtual marketing agency in Minneapolis. It is one of the things that differentiates us from our competitors and allows us to pass along all of the overhead cost savings on to YOU – our clients!

PSM Marketing