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Famous professionals all cite publishing articles as a key to their success. We can do this for you.

How to Get Your Articles Published

Writing by-lined articles for a local newspaper, the blog of a well-known business “influencer,” an industry or trade publication or a professional magazine all are good ways to build your profile and credibility as a Known Authority©. We help our clients identify writing opportunities, assist in drafting and editing the article, and place the piece in a targeted publication.

Our media relations experts proactively look for writing opportunities on a daily basis. Their ongoing relationships with editors, reporters and producers mean that when you have a story to tell, you’ll get a fair hearing. We work to boost your public relations as we have realized these are critical to build your brand image and help you become an authority in your industry.

At PSM, we work with the publishers you have targeted for your content, and pitch on your behalf. We help you secure a place in the leading magazines that your prospects and referral sources read.

Discover Writing Opportunities for Marketing and Branding in St. Paul and Minneapolis

The article titled “Be Where Your Clients Are” by PSM Founder & President Terrie S. Wheeler, MBC, explains the need for attorneys, CPAs, and other services professionals to become part of trade associations. However, the article talks about earning writing opportunities in the trade associations our prospects and referral sources are part of.

Securing writing opportunities in these groups helps you establish your name as an expert, and eventually, people recognize you for what you stand for and what you work towards.

At PSM, we not only assess and analyze the trade associations that would be best for you to join, but we also coach you on how you can leverage the meetings, speaking, and writing opportunities for your benefit.

Writing opportunities are just as important as speaking gigs. These help you stay top-of-mind with the people who don’t usually attend meetings and speaking events.

Secure Positive Press Coverage with Writing Opportunities in St. Paul and Minneapolis

The free PDF resource, titled “Why was That Lawyer Quoted? Tips to Secure Positive Press Coverage” by PSM Founder & President Terrie S. Wheeler, MBC talks about why media coverage is a critical part of your marketing mix. The article enlists some crucial tips for you to secure press coverage in the publication you always dreamed of being quoted in.

  • Consume the NEWS – When you consume the daily happenings, you stay relevant to the market when you want to pitch in an idea to a publication. Moreover, you would not want to pitch an idea that your dream publication only recently covered.
  • Build a Media List – This is a list of the ideal media outlets you want to be quoted in. These could be publications or blogs.
  • Measuring returns – PR can be unyielding in the beginning. However, with consistent efforts, success piles up. When you get featured in a publication, you substantially increase name recognition and brand image in your marketplace.
  • Writing Story Pitches – Story pitches are used to present the idea of a story to a reporter. Media agencies would not want you to pitch the idea you are pitching to them, elsewhere. They will want an exclusive coverage of your story.

We offer guidance to our clients who are attorneys, CPAs, financial advisors, and other services professionals on how they can secure positive press coverage.

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