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We help clients use this cost-effective CRM to keep track of new business opportunities AND to pursue targeted pre-planned communications.

Interested in Automating Your Marketing Communications? We can Help!

So about the only service that starts with a “Z” is a CRM we use with clients called Zoho.  Zoho is a cost-effective CRM that allows clients to set up an entire sales tracking and lead nurturing system including the ability to write e-mail communications that go out automatically when a prospective client takes a particular action.  Some of the actions include:

  • Using the contact form on your website
  • Signing up for a webinar
  • Signing up to receive your blogs
  • Scheduling a consultation with you

Through a CRM system such as Zoho, we help you keep track of leads and suggest when you can take specific actions with your contacts. Customer Relationship Management systems are vital for small businesses and firms offering professional services.

We take care of the technical areas of setting up your CRM system, while you enjoy the several benefits that come with it. At PSM, we have a team of CRM specialists who know how exactly your firm could reap benefits of a custom-implemented CRM system.

Zoho CRM Services for PSM Marketing in St. Paul and Minneapolis

We are a strategic outsourced marketing team. We take care of the processes that accompany actions. With sales and leads tracking, we suggest all our clients leverage a CRM system that can help them chase leads and follow contacts that have expressed interest in their services by taking some action on their website.

With an efficient leads tracking system at your disposal, you are better equipped to convert the leads that are hot and we help you do so. The article titled “How to Create Credibility with a New Contact: Ten Tips for Success!” points out various tips professionals can use to convert a new contact.

  • Show Interest in their Interest – When you meet someone at a networking event who is your high-potential prospect, we encourage you to look for commonalities between you and them. These common areas could be your hobbies, favorite sports, church involvement, colleges, or grad schools you both attended, etc. After you have found some common thread between you and your prospect, we help you look out for strategic ways to stay top-of-mind with this contact.
  • Stay in Front of Them – Send them articles or blog posts they may find interesting and helpful. Also, you can keep a short list of the items you want to look for, for these prospects.

These practices become easier with a CRM system. Zoho CRM helps you record information about each prospect and retrieve it when you need. We work on our behalf to bring automation in your business from the perspective of handling leads and sales.

Strategic Outsourced Marketing Services in St. Paul and Minneapolis

Store information that connects you with your leads, in a CRM system to make efficient use of the data in the future. As your strategic marketing partner, PSM works to make sure your sales funnel is secure and that your leads come back to you when they need your services.

The article titled “The Value of Organizing and Tracking Your Sales Opportunities” points out the massive importance of a CRM system. A CRM system for your professional services business can-

  • Help you track results as you document your sales opportunities and where they came from. You can do more of what works to secure sales opportunities for you when you know the most effective channels you draw leads from.
  • Keep you focused as you direct all your energy and efforts on the prospects out there. When you document sales opportunities, you can be sure of the next step you have to take with a prospect.
  • Keep you accountable as you always have an eye towards the larger goal with a CRM system. The system becomes your accountability partner or coach and keeps you focused on your priorities.
  • Keep you motivated as you can count your successes and celebrate them to keep yourself motivated to do more and earn more.

With our Zoho CRM services, we help attorneys, CPAs, financial advisors, and other services professionals tap their sales and leads to secure more business.

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