How do you work with lawyers and law firms?

work with lawyers and law firms using a process that I’ve literally developed over 35 years. I started my career as a law firm marketing director, so I grew up learning marketing with lawyers as my clients. I realized that if I can work with lawyers and keep them happy, I can probably work with anybody. So that’s one of the reasons I started professional Services Marketing 20 years ago.

When we work with lawyers and law firms, here’s what I’ve learned: Lawyers are very intelligent people, but you know what? They didn’t learn marketing and sales skills when they were in law school. In fact, I teach those classes at two law schools here in the Twin Cities because it’s not a skill that lawyers learned.

So, working with lawyers and law firms involves really understanding the legal industry. I have to know how they generate clients, how they get referrals. I have to understand the economics of a law practice and how that works to be able to advise my clients on whether or not, for example, they should look at pulling in a lateral hire, or whether they should look at accepting a position or seeking a position outside of their law firm, or starting their own practice.

The years and years of legal industry experience I have are really critical for my ability and PSM’s to be able to work with lawyers and law firms, and to really serve the legal industry.

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