I’m really fortunate because the clients that I have are all fabulous clients. And what I enjoy working with them on are the strategies that we develop. We start with our assessment. We put a marketing plan or a coaching plan in place. And then they’re always … they’re as unique, the plans are unique as the individuals that I work with.

What I really love is engaging with people and building that relationship that is so founded on trust. Because my clients, whether it’s a firm or an individual, they have to implicitly trust that whatever they say to me is in complete confidence. And when we have that type of relationships, we make great strides and there’s nothing more rewarding, for me, than to get an email from a client that says, “Terrie, I just landed that big client we’ve been talking about”. It’s really seeing my practice through the eyes of my clients and how happy they are with the results that me and my team are helping them generate.

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