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PSM develops e-learning websites using a platform called Thinkific. As far as Learning Management Systems (LMS) go, Thinkific is absolutely brilliant. It provides an intuitive LMS for both teachers and students. You’ve spent so much time and energy building your area of expertise, so why not capitalize on it by sharing that knowledge with the world?

Advancements in e-learning technology make it easier than ever to have your own online learning website. Our favorite platform, Thinkific, is an extremely comprehensive tool that we recommend for most clients.

CLE Connect: An E-Learning Website Case Study

The Idea: PSM founder, Terrie S. Wheeler also serves as the CEO for a company called CLE Connect | Ethical Marketing CLEs On-Demand. Using the Thinkific platform, Terrie wanted to build a complex educational platform for Minnesota lawyers to attain unique Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits.  The CLE Connect website is a perfect showcase for the power of Thinkific.

Implementation: In addition to creating all the branding for CLE Connect, we also created the entire website and online course infrastructure. Once the website itself was developed, it was time to create engaging educational content. PSM developed the course structure, materials, presentations, and recordings. When creating each online course, we took the following into consideration:

  1. Who is our target audience?
  2. What is the topic/title of the course?
  3. How many lessons will we include in each course?
  4. What additional materials can we share (i.e. articles, templates, or worksheets)?
  5. How will we deliver the primary course content?
  6. How will we promote the course(s)?

Results: CLE Connect launched in August of 2018 with six courses and four discounted course bundles. The leadership of CLE Connect is able to track user conversions using Google Adwords, Analytics, and Search Console. This ability to analyze student behavior (including page views, number of unique visitors, etc.) is invaluable.

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